Primrose Candy Company: Sweet Success with ERP

Their Story: Delicious Confections Founded in 1928, Primrose is a Chicago-based company that manufactures hard and chewy candies as well as popcorn confections. In addition, private label nutraceuticals and contract manufacturing comprise the remainder of their business, requiring Primrose to meet not only their own high-quality standards but face the scrutiny of companies who put… Read more »

Get to Know Global: Project Costing

Because the pace of change in business is greater than ever before, both employees and business leaders need timely access to accurate information to effectively improve their company’s performance. With ProcessPro Global, the next generation of batch process manufacturing software, necessary functionality is readily available for your business to prosper in this challenging business environment…. Read more »

Get to Know Global: Fixed Assets

With the introduction of ProcessPro Global as the next generation of batch process manufacturing software, ProcessPro offers the most comprehensive ERP system in the market. The ERP solution offers many applications that address the critical business needs of process manufacturers to enable companies to handle their specific needs and meet the changing requirements of today’s… Read more »

Utilization Assessment: Wellness Check for your ERP

The ERP solution has been selected, implemented and now your company is live on the software. So now what? In order to ensure your company is getting the best ROI from your ERP investment, a true industry partner should provide an ERP wellness check.  As ProcessPro has been serving in the batch processing manufacturing industries… Read more »

MRP is the Backbone of ERP

Do you hear MRP and immediately equate it with ERP? Are you confused about what MRP can do for your company? When acronyms get thrown around, it is important to realize what they mean and how the solutions they provide improve your success as a batch process manufacturer. When you’re trying to meet customer demands… Read more »

Longevity with an ERP: 21st Century HealthCare’s Success Story

Their Story: Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle As one of the largest international manufacturers in the nutraceutical industry located in the US today, 21st Century HealthCare, Inc. utilizes scientific research and state-of-the-art technology to provide an extensive line of over 1000 products in the ever-expanding dietary supplement market. Their wide variety of offerings include vitamins, minerals… Read more »

Finding the Perfect Balance: Inventory Optimization with ERP

Maintaining your process manufacturing company’s inventory can be like walking a tightrope. If you retain too much inventory, it costs your business money. If there’s not enough, you disappoint your customers. Both of these scenarios affect your bottom line which makes finding the right balance all that more important. Years of experience supporting companies in… Read more »

Growing a Trusted Brand: BRANDT’s ERP Implementation

Their Story: Planting the Seeds of Success Since BRANDT was founded in 1953 to help Illinois farmers adopt new and profitable technologies, this family-owned company has experienced aggressive growth. Having reached the status as a leading agricultural company with three divisions – Specialty Formulations, Retail Agronomy and Dealer Support – they now serve growers around… Read more »

Meet the Team: Marketing

All of us at ProcessPro are dedicated to one thing – helping process manufacturers succeed with our ERP software solution. From the first call with a prospective client, to the clients we’ve served for decades, we’re hard at work ensuring they get the most out of their ERP software. Behind the scenes of our St. Cloud,… Read more »

ERP + R&D = A Research & Development Manager’s Equivalent to PB & J

As a research and development manager for a process manufacturing company, your department attracts employees with creative and unrestricted minds who need the freedom and leeway to foster experimentation and develop new innovations and products. In your leadership role, you are tasked with the challenge of supporting these individuals and at the same time directing… Read more »